Alex Bradshaw is an independent songwriter and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He released his debut album in 2016 entitled “Studio le Bradshaw” which drew on influences of Classic Rock n’ Roll, Blues and World Music. Since then, he has toured throughout the South and Northeast as a solo artist. Influenced by the music of Billy Joel and Cat Stevens as well as Irish and Middle Eastern music, Bradshaw began writing songs and playing in various musical projects by the age of 17. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has played in many ensembles that have shared the stage with the likes of Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band and Unknown Hinson over the years. Recently, Bradshaw has set up a small recording studio in his home and set about recording a follow up EP. The collection of songs is a different approach and sound, honing in on more personal themes of Maturity, Love and Spirituality. The EP was released digitally in late Summer/Fall 2018 entitled “Alex Bradshaw”. Future endeavors include scoring music for films and television, which he believes to be the peak of the musical experience.

          Influences In No Particular Order

              Grateful Dead

               Billy Joel

               Gordon Lightfoot

               Davey Graham

               Cat Stevens

               Creedence Clearwater Revival

               The Band

               The Allman Brothers

               The Moody Blues

                The Police


                Electric Light Orchestra

                Joe Walsh

                David Gilmour

                Dire Straits

                George Harrison

                Stray Cats

                Chris Isaak

                Galaxie 500

                The War on Drugs

                Real Estate

                The Smiths

                Green Day

                Fleet Foxes

                Gregory Allen Isakov

                Munir Bashir

                Andy Irvine