Studio le Bradshaw is an independent artist who just completed recording his debut album in the Summer 2015, to be released in February 2016. The self-titled album includes an eclectic blend of folk, blues, rock and roll sure to appeal to any adventure-seeking soul. With inspirations taken from traditional world music, ranging from Celtic to American folk, the self-titled album paints images of a young man adventuring out into parts of the world previously unknown. A rebirth of the individual is felt through the transition of Studio le Bradshaw's songs from beginning to end. Artist and founder Alex Bradshaw was born and raised in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, with family roots in the mountains of North Carolina. With a family of artists, craftsmen and musicians ranging from wood carving to playing a fiddle, it is no wonder where the creativity and artistry behind Bradshaw's music originates. Bradshaw has been playing guitar since he was 14, piano since 16 and various instruments (including the banjo, melodica, mandolin and accordion) in the interim. Bradshaw can also be seen performing in the Atlanta area with his other projects, My Dixie Wrecked (a modern take on bluegrass) and Lady of the Lake (a three-piece jazz band). His new self-titled project is inspired by the world and cultures that surround him, expressed through music, which he hopes to share with many ears.